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Peak Pro High Intensity Laser Therapy System 

The latest Peak Pro HILT series offers a choice between a unit capable of 30 watts or 60 watts of power, depending on your specific clinical requirements. This high intensity laser for Deep Tissue Therapy is a class 4 laser and like the Peak Elite HILT comes with a choice of 810nm or 980nm wavelengths, depending on your clinical needs. The Peak Pro HILT 60 watt laser is recommended for high volume clinics. The latest feature of the Peak Pro HILT Laser is the option to upgrade to a dual wave diode that has the ability to blend the 810nm and 980nm wavelength outputs for greater treatment outcomes.

Features and Advantages

Based on the years of experience the PeakLasers R & D team focused on the medical diode laser system and accessories for application in a wide range of medical specialties. Using the finest international resources, we provide the highest quality most cost efficient new medical laser systems to clients all over the world 

 Latests designs allow for self callibration of the laser                          



Highly integrated and modular designs make maintenance easy and cost effective

Full colour user-friendly interface allows for quick operations on the interface. The large easy to see touch screens allows the user to easily set parameters and helps make for a seamless user experience

Technical Specifications

Laser Type GaAlAs Diode Laser
Model Peak Pro/VELAS II
Wavelength 810nm/980nm/1064nm
Maximum Power 30W/45W/60W
Operation Mode CW, Repeat Pulse
Pulse Duration 10μs-3s
Repetition Rate 0.2Hz-20KHz
Transmission System Fibers Of 400um With SMA905 Connector
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser Of 635nm, Power < 5mW
Control Mode True Color Touch Screen
Voltage/Current Rating 110/220 VAC, 5A , 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 400(W)*385(L)*200(H) mm
Weight 13Kg
Safety Compliance CE0197
15 Ann Street
Unit 3 
Kallangur QLD 4503 Australia 

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Confused about Class 4 vs Class 3 

Specifications subject to change without notice 

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