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The latest Class 4 High Intensity lasers

Our class 4 high intensity lasers will allow you to treat chronic and acute soft tissue injuries, allowing you to expand your treatment services

Starting from our latest 9 watt portable class 4 laser to our 60 watt laser, your patients will feel the power of healing on their first treatment 

Peak Class 4 High Intensity Laser Therapy improving lives one treatment at a time ­­­­

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Safe, warm laser light penetrates deeply to help reduce inflammation, speed healing and relieve pain



Peak Pro Class 4 HILT Laser System      

 are available in 30 watts to 60 watts of healing power




Common Laser Myths 

  • Myth = Class 4 Lasers are unsafe , Fact = Class 4 High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) is very safe when administered by a trained professional
  • Myth = Class 4 Lasers are cold lasers, Fact = Anything above 1/2 a watt is a class 4 laser. Anything below 1/2 a watt is a class 3 laser or a cold laser
  • Myth = Superpulsed lasers can increase the watt output, Fact = Some laser companies are selling lasers and claiming that a 1.1 - 3.3 watt laser can produce an output power of 25-75 watts. (Be sure to check the manufacture's registration label and specifications to know the true wattage of the machine. Do not be fooled by fancy marketing tricks or pseudoscience)
  • Myth = If you can't feel the warmth coming from the laser it must be a cold laser, Fact = You can have a class 4 laser that it is so weak in wattage/power that it appears to be a cold laser
  • Myth = Class 3 Lasers are cutting edge technology, Fact = Class 3 lasers or cold lasers have been around for over 30 years. Class 4 HILT lasers are the latest technology when it comes to deep tissue therapeutic laser therapy
  • Myth = $17,000 per watt is a reasonable price to pay for a laser, Fact = Peak High Intensity Laser prices can be as low as $450 per watt (The wattage/power is what you are really paying for. Be sure you are paying a reasonable price per watt. The higher the wattage the more joules you can produce for a faster more effective treatment)
Dr Vaughn DC at Mary Street Wellness Noosaville using Peaklasers class 4 laser tharapy

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Dr Mark Miller DC at Haan Medical Peaklasers Class 4 laser

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